Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Can I cry over broken eggs?

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If you have a life you probably have better things to do than read today’s blog so feel free to move on to something more interesting. Apparently I don’t have anything better to do and the theme for this blog has been going around in my head all day, so here it is … but remember I gave you the chance to bail 🙂

“What are you going to do today” hubby asked as we sat in bed enjoying our favorite morning ritual of drinking coffee and watching the news. “I thought I would finish pruning daughters hedge” I replied.

Shortly after I got up to make breakfast and dropped the egg carton breaking three critical eggs. Why critical you may ask? Well when you live in an RV grocery shopping once a week can be a little challenging because it needs to fit into a smaller fridge. We each have a boiled egg in the morning so we need fourteen eggs to get through the week and since it’s cheaper to buy eggs at Costco I save enough fridge space to store two and a half dozen eggs. Yesterday was grocery day but I knew I had just enough eggs to make it until next Wednesday, which was good because I also didn’t have enough room to store an additional two and a half dozen eggs. So aside from the mess the three broken eggs made they also foiled my egg storage plan for the week and now I either have to make a special trip to Costco the day before shopping day or we have to find something else for breakfast one morning.

But back to breakfast, I stepped around the broken eggs (I couldn’t clean them up as I only had one free hand because my morning routine also involves brushing my teeth while getting breakfast started) and put two of the remaining eggs in a pan to boil and continued on with the process of setting the table. Once I finished brushing my teeth I used mega paper towel to clean up the mess, which is okay because it was plain white paper towel and I didn’t like it anyway, I prefer paper towel with flowers or some other decoration on it … see I told you I was sure you had better things to do than read this blog! Anyway it’s a messy job wiping up broken eggs, although as I was doing it I was wondering if egg is good for lino, I heard it is good for hair so maybe it will may my lino shinny, but no such luck.

Since I had now washed the section of floor by the sink I decided I might as well wash the entire floor after breakfast. Now this is a chore I had been putting off for some time as it requires moving some furniture and washing the entire floor on my hands and knees … yes I know I could use a mop and I have one but there were little spots of sticky stuff that the mop doesn’t get. This is where my full time RV life and my feeling of always being on holidays come to a major collision! I shouldn’t have to wash the floor while I’m on holidays which is why I keep putting it off and just sweeping, but then that little gremlin called common sense knocks on my head and tells me this is also my house and washing the floor is a chore that should be done more regularly. So today I listen to common sense and washed the floor, now I can go back to my holiday.

And what was on hubby’s plan for the day? Well I’m sure it didn’t include hauling furniture in and out of the trailer but he was a good sport and helped me out. After that chore was done hubby also helped me prune the hedge, which was probably fun because he was able to do some chainsaw pruning!

When our daughter and son-in-law first purchased their house three years ago I was itching to get at their hedge and do some pruning, but they liked it the way it was. Over the past three years the hedge has grown taller and our daughter finally decided that it did need to be pruned … Oh Boy, this was a job I was looking forward to 🙂


Hubby took the chainsaw to the top of the hedge to bring it down to some of the lower trees … I wasn’t able to do that with the hedge pruner.

Once hubby was done with the chainsaw he left me to it and after about three hours I decided to call it quits. I still need to tidy up the road side but it was getting to warm and the yard waste bin was full so it seemed like a good time to stop.

So if you decided to stay with me during this eggciting blog I hope you have better things to look forward to for the rest of your day 🙂

Until next time …


One thought on “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

  1. Ha! Oh I hear ya on the egg thing and the shrub looks much better!

    Just checking to see if you two have any plans for the rest of the summer. We are looking for Park Hosts here at Fintry from August 10th until the end of September or into October. Let me know if you are interested. If you go to our blog you can find our email address!


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