Flowers and New Shoes

When we are hiking during our travels I always take pictures of flowers and subject you, my readers, to looking at them in my blog. So while walking with two friends today, and seeing numerous pretty flowers, it crossed my mind that I should take pictures of the flowers I saw and post them on my blog.

There were many more flowers but I didn’t think to take pictures until the end of our walk.

What does that have to do with new shoes you might ask, maybe you are wondering if I followed up my walk with a shopping trip to the mall. Nope, I did not 🙂  Since we started this new venture of ours in late 2013 we have put on 100,000 km! Which means Maxx has put on his fair share of that 100,000 km and was due for some maintenance. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the first maintenance Maxx has received, hubby and Maxx spend a lot of quality time together, but today hubby treated Maxx extra special while I was out admiring the flowers. Maxx had all his joints greased and then hubby went out and purchased four new knobby rubber shoes for him. Yesterday hubby also gave Maxx a much-needed bath and washed off all the prairie dust, so today when I arrived home Maxx was looking pretty darn proud of himself … and so was hubby 🙂

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Flowers and New Shoes

  1. You were right, the truck and trailer were nice and shiny. I’m certain we passed you south of the snow shed on the Coq at about 11:15 this morning. I hope you didn’t notice our dirty little Camry blasting by you.


    • That is too funny. Yes that was probably us on our way to hubby’s sister place in Abbotsford. Maxx is now even better looking because he got all his windows washed when we arrived 😊. We hope you enjoy your visit to the coast.


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