Heading Home

I love the canola fields when they are in bloom. I would also love to get pictures of a flax field in bloom but so far in life I have never been out to the prairies when they are in bloom … maybe next year:-)

We spent a great weekend with our son and daughter-in-law camping at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park in Alberta. It was an intense weekend of playing Dice and Rummikub, along with a few late evenings of talking and laughing … so much so that, around midnight on Saturday, we were the bad campers who had to be told to keep the noise down:-(  We were treated to what our son called a “National Geographic Moment”. While sitting around the campfire Saturday night we could here a fairly loud buzzing that sounded like an air pump running and I though perhaps someone was filling an air mattress with an electric pump. Our son walked up to the water tap to fill the dogs bowl and happen to look up in the sky and was amazed at what he saw. The noise was a huge, and I really mean huge, swarm of some type of fly. It really was impressive, this huge wave of swarming flies in the sky making so much noise! Unfortunately it was to dark to get a picture but we did stand and watch them for a long time.

This is a nice campground situated along Pigeon Lake; unfortunately the lake had an outbreak of blue/green algae so we were not able to swim. Blue/green algae is a recurring problem in this area of Alberta and this was our second trip to this provincial park where we were unable to go in the lake.

Hubby and I arrived at noon on Friday and the park was basically empty. We spent a very quiet afternoon playing scrabble and walking the trails until our son arrived around 7:00 p.m., which was when the flurry of other campers started to arrive and the park filled up. Checkout time is 2:00 p.m. and once again on Sunday the park was empty and very quiet. The cost is $26.00 a night for a site with no hook-ups. Both couples had to pay $26.00 plus a $12.00 reservation fee but since we shared a single site only one of us had to pay that fee. Unlike BC Provincial Parks showers are not free, the cost is a $1.00 for two minutes. Wood is $7.00 a bag and Alberta Provincial Parks also charge the dreaded sani dump fee but their cost is only $3.00.

The weather was warm and sunny all weekend but we did have some much need rain overnight and it looks like it will continue today, although it did stop long enough for us to pack up.

We are now on our way home and since the weather isn’t great we are making the ten hour drive, which with road construction and stops is going to be around thirteen hours, all in one day … yuck! The nice thing about today’s long drive is that we will have an extra day to complete a few chores before we head out again on Friday.

Until next time …


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