Hubby’s Gone Back To Work!

Well it’s not a permanent job but it is definitely work! Yesterday hubby went out to the fields to help his cousin move grain. Although I’m sure it was hard work, I know he enjoyed it:-)

I also had a very enjoyable day with hubby’s cousin’s wife. After she worked in her garden and I worked on yesterday’s blog and the pictures I had taken so far, we headed out to the field with the grain cart to drop it off to the guys. Okay, I got the easy part of the morning!

The skies in Saskatchewan are thick with smoke from fires burning north of the farm.

Arriving at the field.

Last year I was able to take my first trip in a semi and this year I took my first trip in a large tractor towing a grain cart, I wonder what next year holds for me?

After dropping off the grain cart we headed back to the farm to pick up another vehicle, and as I’m told there are no idle hands on a farm, so I was put to work driving yet another vehicle out to the field. When we arrived at the field I was able to see the grain cart we had hauled out in operation.


There is so much more to this operation and it was explained to me but I just don’t have the knowledge or memory to share it with you!

After we had moved vehicles around we again headed back to the farm, this time to make lunch and once the guys had gone back to the field we headed out on a few errands. It wasn’t all work though; hubby’s cousin’s wife took me to see a Ukrainian Catholic Church near West Bend, Saskatchewan that was built in 1933.

Like Sacred Heart Church, this church no longer holds a weekly mass.

After our visit to the church we drove to the Kelliher Cemetery to visit a few more of hubby’s relatives who have passed on.

The rest of my afternoon was spent working on more pictures that I had taken through the day and once hubby returned from the fields we had a nice dinner with his cousin and wife and an early night to bed.

Today hubby is back at work in the fields and I’m catching up on emails and stuff before heading into town with hubby’s cousin’s wife. I am really enjoying my time here on the farm and reconnecting with hubby’s relatives, both current and past.

Until next time …


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