Fort Qu’Appelle

Throughout our trip we have driven through many constructions zones were they are repaving the Trans Canada Highway. In both BC and Alberta a speeding ticket in a construction zone will cost you double but in Saskatchewan it will cost you triple! Good thing I’m always advising hubby of the speed limits during our journeys, although I’m not sure he thinks that’s a good thing 🙂

After a three-hour drive we arrived in Fort Qu’Appelle situated along Echo Lake. We stopped at the visitor info booth to ask about campgrounds and were told there was a city run campground on Echo Lake right in town and a Provincial campground 12K out of town on Echo and Pasqua Lake. We decided to try the city one first because we could ride our bikes around town but it turned out all the sites were either filled or reserved, even though the regulations clearly state they do not take reservations. So off we went to the Provincial Park and it turns out that was the better decision because it is a much nicer campground.

Honestly when we saw how full the city campground was we were not holding much hope for the Provincial Park, especially because today is the last day of school for the year and next week Canada Day falls in the middle … that would normally totally fill up any BC Provincial Park! Maybe we were lucky because Saskatchewan Provincial Parks don’t take reservations and we arrived around 1:00 p.m. before people get off work, but we were able to get a nice site and we have power. After tonight we are headed out to hubby’s cousin’s farm for a few nights so we thought it would be good to stay in a campground so that we could empty our tanks and fill up with water. The site we have is right across from a water tap so that will be easy to take care of tomorrow and the sani dump station is right at the exit so we can also take care of that tomorrow …. and unlike BC, Saskatchewan doesn’t charge you $5.00 to dump your tanks, but I won’t go on about that again:-) And they also give you free firewood, all for the low price of $27.00 per night, although we did have to buy a $7.00 24 hour park pass. If you are spending more time in the parks in Saskatchewan you can buy a three day pass for $17.00, a weekly pass for $25.00 and an annual pass for $50.00.

We were just able to get set-up before the skies opened up and we were treated to heavy rain, thunder, and lightening but it didn’t last long.

Tomorrow we are off to Kelliher, Saskatchewan for a 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday evening and the rededication of White Eagle Church on Sunday. We will then meander around until the following Saturday when we are attending a 25th wedding anniversary in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.

I will leave you with this picture I took yesterday of rain off in the distance. I thought it was really cool because it looked like a waterfall of rain coming out of the clouds.

Until next time …


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