No New Roads Today

I was thinking that once we ventured east from Calgary, Alberta today we would be taking roads we had never travelled before, but sadly that is not the case. Almost twenty years ago to this date we travelled out to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan with our three children to attend a family reunion and we took the same route we travelled today.

Once you hit the BC/Alberta border the Trans Canada Highway flattens out and becomes a four-lane divided highway with lush green fields as far as your eyes can see.

I love driving through BC because of the spectacular mountain ranges capped with snow and surrounded with thick green forest but it is much easier to drive through the prairie roads in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since the roads were good, traffic was light, and the weather was great we decided to do a very long, for us, driving day … nine hours with several stops along the way before we arrived in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Our plan had been to spend tonight at Camp Wal-Mart in Brooks, Alberta and then tomorrow at Camp Wal-Mart in Swift Current but pushing through will allow us to spend a night in Fort Qu’Appelle which we would both like to do. We did pass on Camp Wal-Mart and set up at the local casino instead as it was a much nicer parking lot.

Bonus of the day … we went from paying $1.22L ($3.87G USD) for diesel in Golden, B.C. to $.979L ($3.08G USD) in Strathmore, AlbertaJ

Until next time …


One thought on “No New Roads Today

  1. Back in the late nineties we needed to visit Calgary for business and opted to drive from Colorado instead of fly. It was getting near harvest time and we passed crews of contract harvester’s on the road transporting combines/farm equipment. I remember the golden wheat fields in southern Alberta were absolutely beautiful and seemed to go on forever.
    Don’t you love those lower gas prices?


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