Kettle River Provincial Park

Last Thursday we headed out to Kettle River Provincial Park near Rock Creek, B.C. for four nights. We were meeting up with friends who were coming for the weekend so we decided to add a night on each end of the weekend. Our first night there was a blur to me and I don’t remember it because I had some dental work, which required a lot of freezing, done before we left. Freezing knocks me out so I slept for the entire day and really have no clue how we got to the campsite or what happened when we arrived! Obviously hubby took very good care of me because when I woke up Friday morning everything was set up perfectly and I don’t think I did anything to help 🙂

I did notice Friday morning that BC Provincial Parks have come out with a new design for their picnic tables. This won’t be of interest to those of you who didn’t grow up camping in Provincial campgrounds but if you did grow up in these campgrounds you will remember these tables …

Now they are being replaced with these tables, which I really like because you don’t loose seat space to the support arm on the benches and they have really nice artwork in the metal …


Kettle River Provincial Park is located 5 km north of Rock Creek on Highway 33 and is situated along the Kettle River between the Okanagan Plateau and the Monashee Mountains.

We have spent many late summer afternoons floating down the river on air mattresses with our three children when they were young but in the spring and early summer the water levels are high and the river runs fast! So on Friday we had to settle for a leisurely walk down the paths along the river instead of a float.

Our friends arrived early in the afternoon and we had a great time visiting at our site … with both our friends and the squirrels.

Ground Squirrel

The squirrels were very friendly and it seemed like a good idea to visit and feed them but WRONG! They became a little too friendly and soon were expecting constant food and attention.

Obviously we ignored this guy so he was trying to come into Maxx for a visit!

The campground is also beside the abandoned right-of-way of the historic Kettle Valley section of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) opened in 1916 and discontinued service in 1973 and the track was removed between the towns of Midway and Penticton in 1980. This track now makes an excellent hiking and biking trail. On the east bank of the river is evidence of the once flourishing gold and silver mines.

On Saturday we rode our bikes along the KVR from the campsite to Westbridge, an easy two-hour return trip ride.

the KVR passes through farm land, it didn’t take much to convince these guys to move off the trail and let us by 🙂

I gave this Lama a friendly wave but he didn’t seem to interested in us 🙂

After our friends headed home on Sunday we decide to ride the KVR in the other direction into Rock Creek, or more specifically to the Prospector Pub … it’s good to have a destination in mind and this seems like a good one!

The ride started off along the river and was well shaded by trees.

But about halfway the KVR path became a road, which would have been okay, except the temperature was in the mid 30s and the heat from the pavement made it even hotter!

By the time we arrived at the pub we definitely needed the pitcher of beer we shared! The one-hour ride home seemed to go much faster but I think that was because we did the hot part at the beginning of the ride and ended the ride in the shade … or maybe it was because we were fortified by beer 🙂

If you follow our blog you probably know that we park in our daughter’s driveway when we are home in the summer. This is our second year doing this it seems to be working out well … at least I think so since they haven’t kicked us out yet! I will leave you with this picture of a chalk drawing our granddaughter did on the road outside their house 🙂

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Kettle River Provincial Park

  1. Those picnic tables are nice. What a difference they must make when you are camping with more than 4 people. Seeing those old classic tables reminded me of camping as kids. Remember Dad always left a starter pack of kindling under the table to stay dry for the next guy? Of course that was when campsites came with free wood…Funny what memories a simple picture brings 🙂

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