Blogging, A Labour of Love!

Blogging is a funny thing! Somehow you come across a blog and you start following it and since you have signed up to receive updates from their blog often they will start following your blog. Occasionally one of those bloggers will comment on something you have written and occasionally you do the same on their blog and then the day comes that you realize you have begun to consider these people your friends! You have never met, you only know each other by whatever tales they choose to write about, but all of the sudden they make a comment on my blog and I can’t wait to tell hubby what our friends have to say. It’s like receiving a text, email, or phone call from a friend … you just get that warm fuzzy feeling that you have heard from a friend.

So I am in the middle of housework, which I had put off for over a week, and my mind is going a thousand different ways. I’m thinking about a few recent blogs I have read, particularly one written by the girlfriend of a young man who took some of his first steps on our back deck, and I realized I can’t wait to hear more about their travels around the world on their sailboat. As quickly as that thought flies through my mind I remember that another blog I read is doing some landscape projects and I wonder what they are doing to their yard today while I’m doing housework and hubby is outside with our son-in-law building a shed. I think, I should write about the shed, surely someone would find that interesting, and then my mind quickly goes to the pantry where I am wiping down the doors. I really should put in that shelf liner we bought back in Yuma, should I write about that and just as quickly I think, seriously nobody cares about that! And then I think to other blogs I have read were people write about such mundane chores and I realize I do find that interesting. Now maybe there is something wrong with me and I need to look for more interesting ways to amuse myself but I really do enjoy reading about how snowbirds spend their summers as much as I enjoy reading about their travels during the winter.

Of course this was just the excuse I needed to put down the cleaning supplies, pull out my laptop and start this blog. To be fair, I did put the laptop away and continued cleaning and it is now several days later and I am finishing off this blog

Okay so maybe you really don’t care about how my pantry looks with shelf paper but I really do enjoy reading about your landscaping projects, your new summer job, the grandchildren, your trip to Alaska, and how you did reno’s at your son’s place … and Kaycee I love looking at every sunset picture you post (so much so that I stole one of your pictures for this blog) and reading about your dolphin escorts! To all my blogging friends, keep those blogs posted, they really entertain me:-)


I stole this picture from because it was just to great of a picture not to share! A sunset in the Galapagos Islands.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Blogging, A Labour of Love!

  1. Very fun post. I know when I’m out hiking I’m either thinking about other bloggers or writing a blog post on what I’m doing. And just like regular life, there’s those bloggers you form a great connection with and others that are just passing by. It’s fun, entertaining, and sometimes humbling. Thanks for enjoying the remodel on my son’s home and the mention. Now I’ll check out some of those other blogs you mentioned 🙂
    Oh, and btw, I’m interested in your choice of shelf liner. That’s a project I still need to tackle at my son’s home when we’re back in AZ this winter. (yikes, it’s barely summer and I’m already mentioning winter…. pls not so fast)


    • I bought a Con-Tact brand shelf liner from Sam’s Club. I actually didn’t get around to putting in the cupboards, but I did give it a fleeting thought before moving onto something else. I let you know what I think of it once I finally get the job done … or maybe I really will bore everyone with a blog about it 🙂

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