Arlington Lake, B.C.

A few weeks ago we took a drive up to the forestry site at Arlington Lake which is located approximately 25 km/15.5 miles north of Beaverdell, B.C. off Highway 33.

The road into the lake is easy to navigate by two wheel drive vehicles but there are rough patches which could be hard on an RV. The forestry site has 23 campsites and many of them are on the lake. One of the reasons we went up to the lake was to see if we could get Maxx in there for a camping weekend with friends. There were many RV’s at the forestry site but Maxx, at 34 feet, is just a little too big to get in to most of the campsites and the rough road would probably do some damage to my dishes and glasses on the way in.

This is a beautiful forestry site and we were disappointed that we won’t be able to spend some time there! While it’s not really a swimming lake you can take advantage of boating, canoeing, fishing, and bike riding or hiking along the old Kettle Valley Rail line that runs right through the campground.


Here are the directions in case you want to check it out, if travelling from Kelowna the Arlington Lakes turnoff is approximately 24 km south of the Big White turnoff. If travelling from the south the turnoff is approximately 24 km north of Beaverdell along Highway 33. Upon leaving the highway travel along the Arlington Lakes Forest Service Road for approximately 3.5 km to the recreation site.

On our way home we took McCulloch Road, off Highway 33, into Kelowna in order to check out the Hydraulic Lake Forestry Campground. We were very unimpressed; it was an open gravel pit slightly away from the lake but bigger units could get into this site.

As we continued on McCulloch Road we were treated to nice views of the valley and Highway 33 on the other side.

We also drove by Layer Cake Hill, sometimes called Layer Cake Mountain, which shows unique layering that has not been seen anywhere else.

Layer Cake Mountain with Okanagan Lake in the background.

Layer Cake Hill is a volcanic landform composed primarily of Dacite [day-site], volcanic rock with high silica content.

Scientists believe that the layering occurred one thick volcanic flow due to a peculiar way the rock shrinks as it cools. This type of layered structure has been compared to a similar formation in New Zealand where scientists have thoroughly studied it. Still, Layer Cake Hill is unique in the world so it was nice to see it again!

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5 thoughts on “Arlington Lake, B.C.

  1. It’s a problem when out toys are too big isn’t it? When we bought our 29 ft 5th Wheel my fellow workers nicknamed it the Taj Mahal as they all thought it was soooooo big. It’s really kinda tiny compared to most of the rigs in Arizona though.


    • I know! When we upgraded from a tent to a tent-trailer we thought we had died and gone to heaven, and then when the kids stopped camping with us we upgraded to a 27 foot fifth wheel (with no slides) and again thought we had died and gone to heaven, now there is no question, we are in heaven 🙂

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  3. I have grown up camping at the Arlington lakes and every summer we go camping the first thing I would do is go jump in the lake and SWIM. Every year there is a fishing derby ALL the kids go SWIMMING. I don’t know who told you that you can’t swim but they are wrong.

    My parents never had a trailer till this year but I do know that it might be hard to get it to a camp site on the water but I know someone with a camper and horse trailer so it was 28-30 feet and they did not get to camp on the water but there are campsites on the other side of the road to camp at that of lots of room for a big trailer. Plus a good thing is it has a boat lunch and a lot of fish and a place for you to catch

    If you are in a tent or small trailer there are lots if nice campsites but the bigger the trailer the harder it is to find a good campsite on the lake.

    do not send to email


    • Thanks for letting me know that Arlington Lake is a swimming lake, when we were there it really didn’t look like a good swimming lake but I’m glad to hear I was wrong 😊 . I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression about taking RV’s in there. We didn’t feel it was a good enough road, nor was there sites big enough, for our 34 foot fifth wheel. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!


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