Happy Mother’s Day :-)

I hope all the mother’s reading my blog had a great Mother’s Day. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday so Mother’s Day was a little painful but I enjoyed the day in the sun with hubby and our daughter and her family. Hubby had his wisdom teeth removed the Friday before me so we are both eating soft food but healing nicely. When hubby phoned his mother on the coast to wish her Happy Mother’s Day she mentioned that his two brothers were taking her out for dinner Monday night so we decided it would be fun to drive down and join them. They were meeting at a restaurant in White Rock so we left early Monday morning and arrived in White Rock shortly after noon. White Rock, BC is a seaside community on 8 kilometers, 5 miles, of sandy beach along Semiahmoo Bay. South of the city is the Canada/US border and Blaine, Washington. White Rock is famous for its 457 metre, 1,500 foot, long pier and its 2.5 kilometer, 1.5 mile, long beach promenade.  There is a legend that White Rock was named for the white rock that marks the landing spot of a stone hurled across the Strait of Georgia by a young chief. It was said that he and his bride would move from Vancouver Island to wherever the rock landed and make a home together. It was their descendants who became the Semiahmoo First Nation. According to Wikipedia Semiahmoo is the Coast Salish word for “half-moon” which describes the shape of the bay. Growing up I was always told White Rock was named for this large rock that sits on the beach.  The white rock above weighs 486 tons and is said to be a glacial deposit from the coastal range.  I will leave it up to you to decide which story you like best! We enjoyed a sunny afternoon wandering through the many shops and along the pier and beach before we joined hubby’s family for dinner … which was a surprise to his mom and one of his brothers!

I love sea gulls 🙂

There were lot’s of people setting out crab cages.

 Our original plan was to stay at the Ocean Promenade Hotel right in White Rock but their underground parking lot only has a clearance of 6 feet 6 inches and our truck is 6 feet 7 inches. The only parking option they could offer us was to park on the street at a cost of $3.00 per hour from 10:00 a.m. to midnight! So we opted to drive a little further and stay at the Best Western … much cheaper and a very nice hotel. We returned home today and arrived just in time to pick our grandchildren up from school, not a bad way to end the day 🙂 Until next time …


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