Puerto Morelos, Mexico

We are enjoying an awesome week at Ocean Turquesa in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. The purpose of our trip to this all inclusive resort is to attend our youngest son’s wedding on Sunday and we have had a great time visiting with our family and really getting to know our soon to be daughter-in-laws family:-)  The resort is great, the weather has been perfect, the company and events are entertaining, and I really can’t wait for the big day but today we decided to take a trip into the village of Puerto Morelos with my sister and brother-in-law.

Puerto Morelos is on the Riviera Maya, just 25 minutes (18 km / 11 miles) south of the Cancun International Airport.  The town maintains its charm and magic with a low-key atmosphere and very friendly locals. There are about three blocks of businesses, which include a few restaurants, many souvenir stores, and a beautiful beach area. The great Maya reef is located 500m off the shore and there is no shortage of entrepreneurs offering snorkelling or deep sea fishing excursions. The taxi ride from our resort was $20 USD to town and $17 USD back to the resort.

We spent our two hours in this village wandering through the shops and taking in the sights along the beach.

Town centre

One of the shopping blocks

Awesome Sand Castles

I loved this wishing well made out of sand ☺

Wow! That’s talent!!

I was pretty sure the reason this Lighthouse was leaning was because of a hurricane and when I checked Google later I came across this story “Once upon a time there was a lighthouse in a small village surrounded by a beautiful flower bed at the base, and that lighthouse lit the night and brought many a sailor to safety. Then, a hurricane hit and caused erosion which had an effect so strong on the lighthouse that it began to lean. Although a plan was set into motion to remove the lighthouse, locals decided to keep it and promote it as their own leaning tower.”

Before we headed back to our resort we enjoyed some time people (and flower) watching in the town square 🙂

Until next time …

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