Crossing the Border

An incredibly easy border crossing yesterday! We crossed Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. and drove right up, nobody in front of us. The only questions asked where:

  • How long were you gone?
  • Do you own a lot down south?
  • How much are you brining back?
  • Any alcohol or tobacco?
  • Any chicken, turkey, or eggs? What?? This was a new one and of course I chicken and eggs 😦

Apparently there is Avian Flu in the US so as of two months ago you can no longer bring back any “wing” products. We were told to pull over at the curb on the Canadian side, take our chicken and eggs and dump them in a freezer and then we could be on our way. As a fellow blogger always says “easy, peasy” 🙂

Until next time …

1 thought on “Crossing the Border

  1. there has been Avian flu here too in the Fraser Valley. Anyway…. Welcome Back to rainy BC won’t be long now before you are down for your son’s wedding.


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