Lady of the Lake

Those of you who know me well will probably know what the words “Lady of the Lake” conjure up in my mind, but this is a different Lady of the Lake 🙂  Yesterday we took the boat called Lady of the Lake up Lake Chelan to Stehekin, with stops in Field’s Point and Lucerne. We have wanted to take this trip many times but up until now it has never worked out, since yesterday was warm and sunny so it seemed like the perfect time to do it.

A perfect day to be on the lake!

These geese entertained us while we waited to board.

Mid air collision!

But they survived 🙂

Lake Chelan is one of Washington’s largest inland bodies of fresh water. The average width of the lake is less than 2 miles but the lake extends 55 miles into the Cascade Mountains, with depths over 1,500 feet. Twenty-seven glaciers and 59 streams feed the lake and the scenery up the lake was beautiful!


Many passengers got off at Lucerne where they were headed for Holden Village, a year round Christian retreat.

It was really interesting watching them off load luggage and groceries; they make a human chain up the ramp to a bus, which takes passengers and cargo the 12-mile drive into Holden.

Stehekin and Lucerne are only accessible by boat or seaplane, or by foot if you’re up for a 50-mile hike! The hamlet of Stehekin is located at the head of the Lake Chelan and has approximately 95 full-time residents. Residents order groceries from a store in Chelan by completing an order form and sending it to the store along with a blank cheque. The store fills the order and staff from the Lady of the Lake boat pick up the groceries and deliver them on their next trip up the lake. Mail is also delivered to these communities by the boat.

Arriving in Stehekin

When we arrive in Stehekin we had an hour before the return trip so we enjoyed lunch at the lodge and wandering through the village. There are many hiking trails in this area and you can camp or stay at the Lodge.

There are lots of places to stop and have a picnic.


Six hours later we arrived back in Chelan with wonderful memories of a village nestled in nature and almost untouched by modern life!

Until next time …

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