Heading North

The other day we drove through Nevada, back into California, and then into Oregon where we planned to spend the night at Camp Wal-Mart in Klamath Falls. Fortunately I checked the weather forecast as we pulled into town and noticed that there was a special weather statement … yup snow was forecast for the next three days 😦  So what to do? Well we could have found an RV Park and hunker down for three days but that didn’t really appeal to us, so I checked the weather in Bend, Oregon, where we had planned to head next for a two day stay. There was no snow in the forecast for Bend so we decided to make it a really long day and drive through heavy rain … and some wet snow, but we finally arrived in Bend around 7:00 p.m (a seven hour day for us … we can’t remember the last time we drove that long!).

When we woke up the next morning there was some slushy stuff in shady areas on the ground but clear blue skies so things looked good. Well they did look good until I hit send on an email to friends saying our weather was looking good and then I turned and looked out the window to see this scene!

What the heck, we just had blue skies!

But it didn’t last long, less than five minutes later this is what the view out the window looked liked 🙂

Now that’s better!

We have decided to head straight up Highway 97 back to the Okanagan rather than going through the lower mainland of BC, mainly because the mountain pass we would have to drive through from the coast to get home is still getting heavy snowfalls. We will also have a chance to visit with hubby’s mom at the end of April so it seemed like a wise move to avoid the chance of bad roads.

We had one scary moment as we left Nevada and headed into California. For the first time in all our travels they actually asked if we had any fruits and vegetables, and of course I had just done our grocery shopping a few days ago. Normally I plan ahead and I usually don’t have much and up until now we have always been waved through. But this time, since we were only briefly passing through California, I completely forgot about emptying the fridge! So the inspection agent asks “Do you have any fruits or vegetables”? Hubby looks at me, so I answer “Yes, I have both” with a sinking heart thinking there goes my lunch along with everything else L The inspection agent gives us a look and then kinda of raises his eyebrows, gives a slight smile, and says “Carry On” … wow did we dodge a bullet there!

We took Highway 139 through Northern California into Oregon and it was just like driving on Highway 33 in BC.

Today we are leaving Yakima, Washington and heading onto Chelan, Washington, one of our favorite weekend spots (we are getting close to home 🙂 ) where we will stay for the next three nights … and so far the roads and the weather have been great

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Heading North

  1. The weather does look pretty decent. We won’t be heading home until the 7th and are going to visit family in the Fraser Velley first. That concerns me on two fronts: how much snow will be on the Coq, and how tall will my grass be in West Kelowna!


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