As we head north I may have to put my flip-flops away, which is sad since I love my flip-flops, I have more flip-flops than I have shoes!

Flip flops have been worn by many cultures throughout the world, originating as early as the ancient Egyptians in 4,000 B.C. The modern flip-flop descends from the Japanese zori, which became popular after World War II when returning soldiers brought them back. They became popular in casual settings during the 1960s and have remained so through out the years. Some fancier flip-flops have found their way into more formal attire and I wore a pair to our oldest son’s wedding after receiving several bee stings and being unable to get my swollen foot into a shoe … of course mine were very fancy!

The name flip-flop originated because of the sound that is made by slapping between the sole of the foot and the floor when walking.

And I read that in 2006 sales of flip-flops exceeded those of sneakers for the first time!

Until next time …


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