Traffic and Beaches

Yesterday we left our RV Park shortly after 9:00 a.m. to head into Los Angeles. The traffic wasn’t bad as we head out.

It was fun watching us drive down the road, that’s our truck mirrored in the back of this tanker 🙂

As we got closer to LA the traffic on I-10 came to a standstill but fortunately for us we were able to drive in the car pool lane so we bypassed ten miles of traffic in no time!

Our stop in LA was on Wilshire Boulevard and we drove down South Highland Drive on our way. The drive took us past the Hollywood Bowl and further along the tree line street we passed many beautiful homes … I can only imagine what they where worth!

The haze in the sky is smog 😦

After our LA stop we headed onto Ventura, a little over an hour away. The traffic wasn’t that bad and again we were able to bypass most of it by using the car pool lane. The temperature in LA was in the high 80F, 30C but by the time we arrived in Ventura it was down to the low 60F, 15C so we didn’t go for a walk on the beach.

We decided to head out to Malibu and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. We went out to the coast along Malibu Canyon Road and were very surprised by how green the hills were.

I wasn’t able to get pictures of the fancy expensive houses in Malibu because there was too much traffic (and security vehicles) on the road and I didn’t want to look too much like a tourist. But I did get some pictures of the city of Malibu and the beach.

More smog … yuck!

This guy stood perfectly still with his neck stretched for about two minutes while we stood and watched him, I think he was hoping we wouldn’t notice him.

But he finally gave up and went about his forage for food.

If you look closely at his mouth he is eating a lizard … or maybe he is a she!

We spent some time walking along the beach in Malibu, which is much nicer than the beaches in Ventura … and warmer. We did walk a short way in the water and it actually wasn’t that cold.

Our day ended in Studio City but I will tell you about that tomorrow.

Until next time …


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