Yesterday we attended the polo games in Indio, California with our friends from home who are staying in Palm Springs for a couple of months. There is no cost for general admission but parking is $10.00 (cash) per vehicle … not a bad deal! We found a spot to park beside the polo field and set up our chairs. I have never watched a polo game and had no idea how it was played and what the rules where but we were given a sheet with the key points of the game.

A polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide. Each game consists of six Chukkers (periods) that are seven and a half minutes long. After three Chukkers there is a ten-minute “half time” where you are invited to go out on the field and stomp down the divots. There are four players on each team and each player has six horses, one horse for each Chukker. The polo ball is solid plastic weighing ¼ pound and is hit with the side, not the end, of a mallet made out of bamboo with a hard wood head. The mallet is 50 to 54 inches long. A polo horse is called a pony and most are former racehorses, high-speed thoroughbreds with exceptional abilities. Their tails are braided to stay out of the way of the mallet and their manes are cut off to allow the players to see the ball and to prevent the reins from getting tangled in the mane. Players ride on an English saddle. A polo game usually takes and hour and a half to play but due to injuries the one we were watching took almost two hours.


We enjoyed the game in the tailgate section where you can bring in your own food and drinks. We had a nice afternoon watching the game with a few drinks and a BBQ lunch and then we headed back to our friends place for dinner.

A great way to spend a Sunday and you can’t beat the $10.00 fee for an afternoon of fun!

Until next time …


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