And Another Awesome Hike!

Other than the Hunter Trail, which really doesn’t sound like fun to us because we don’t have the right equipment with us to hike it, we have completed all the trails at Picacho State Park. Yesterday we hiked about 2.5 miles taking in the Calloway Trail to the overlook at 2,274 feet as well as the Nature Trail and the Harrington Loop … oops we also didn’t do the .2 mile Children’s Cave Trail. I won’t post as many pictures today because a lot of them are of the same beautiful flowers and scenery as yesterday.

Start of the trail, the Calloway Trail climbs up between the two peaks.

View back towards the parking lot.

View from the top of Calloway Trail.

The Nature Trail and the Harrington Loop Trail have lots of interpretive signs posted so we were able to learn a little about the history of the park. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the first trail to the peak in 1932. Picacho Peak State Park was dedicated in 1968 to preserve the beauty of the area for generations to come.

Until next time …

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