Tucson, Arizona

We had a nice drive yesterday from Yuma to Tucson, we left Yuma around 10:30 a.m. and arrived in Tucson around 3:00 p.m. … only an hour and a half over our goal of three hours a day of travel time.

Just past the Yuma Foothills we went through a Border Patrol Station. The vehicle in front of us was closely inspected but other than the drug dog giving us a passing sniff we were waved through.

We continued on along I-8, which is one of the oldest sections of the Interstate Highway System in the US, and drove through Telegraph Pass. You may remember from last years blog that this is were we had a computer malfunction on our truck and had a hard time towing up this pass … I’m happy to say it was way easier this year 🙂

This section of I-8 exposes some of the oldest metamorphic rocks in the state of Arizona, outside of rocks exposed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon … wish I knew that before I wrote this blog, I would have taken more pictures.

As we came out of the pass we could see Dome Valley and some of the metamorphic rocks.

I have really fallen in love with the desert scenery and the trip along I-8 didn’t disappoint.


Shortly after turning onto I-10 we drove past Picacho State Park. We are hoping to spend some time here before we head home this year.

We are now set up at Rincon East RV Park for the next week. The sites are half the size of our site in Yuma and it was a tough job for hubby to maneuver Maxx into his space but he did it like a pro. The price seems reasonable for a weeks stay until you add the additional $50.00 in taxes! Good thing we got our 10% Good Sam discount. We stayed for one night last year and thought it was worth another visit but overall I don’t think we will be back. The park is nicely landscaped and the common areas are very nice but the roads are narrow and the sites are difficult to back into, we have a palm tree in the middle of our driveway which doesn’t help. The park is mostly park models with a few RV sites in between and we are so close to the park model behind us that we hear their air conditioner even with the windows closed and our air conditioner on.

Until next time …


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