Algodones, Baja California … Mexico

Yesterday we made a final trip to Algodones … partly because we needed more cold sore and allergy medication and hubby need another new wallet because he gave the wallet he purchased last December in Algodones to our son when we where home at Christmas … but mostly because it is fun to see the trinkets, watch people, and sit in the courtyard and drink Margaritas 🙂

   Every time we visit we are totally entertained by the shopkeepers and yesterday we heard two great lines that kept us laughing for the day 🙂

We were walking through a shop and I told the shopkeeper “I’m just looking” she responded “That’s okay I’m just selling” … I almost bought something because she made me laugh … almost, I restrained myself but if I ever need what she is selling I will buy it from that shop in the future!

We where sitting in the courtyard having lunch and I was admiring the metal art and wishing I had somewhere to hang it. I have found so many things that would have been an awesome addition to our outdoor kitchen before we sold our house!

While we are eating lunch a fellow was holding up his metal art and trying to sell it and when he approached me I told him it is beautiful but I have nowhere to hang it … “Nowhere” he says “Nowhere” I respond … he quickly responds “We do construction work on the side”! Seriously how can you not want to buy stuff from him!

Do you remember the blog I wrote a few weeks ago about looking at Algondones from the US side? Well yesterday we where lined up at the border shortly after 1:00 p.m. and the line was the longest we have ever seen.

We joined the line right next to the border fence … I could have ducked around the fence and easily walked back to our RV Park (I bet it would have taken me fifteen minutes at the most)!

But I was pretty sure if I did that you would be watching me on the next episode of Border Wars so I restrained myself 🙂  We did pass a very enjoyable hour of waiting in line talking to a fellow from a small town in Washington that is close to the Canadian border so I’m glad I didn’t make a run for it!

Until next time …

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