Craig Wayne Boyd

Free image from the internet, I didn’t take my camera with me to the concert.

A few weeks ago hubby came across a notice in the paper for a Craig Wayne Boyd concert at the Cocopah Casino and we were lucky enough to get tickets … and I really do mean lucky because the concert sold out the next day! Now if you are a fan of The Voice you will know who Craig Wayne Boyd is, for those of you that don’t watch The Voice … what’s wrong with you 🙂

Craig won season 7 of The Voice which meant Team Blake (Blake Shelton) scored its fourth win … can you tell I’m a Blake Shelton fan? So last night we headed over to the Cocopah Casino to watch the concert and of course we left early so that we had time to put a few dollars in the machines. Well that was our plan, we arrived an hour and a half early and people were already lining up, and since there was no assigned seating we figured we better get in line. The time in line past quickly as we talked to people and watched others play the slot machines and soon we were heading in and hoping to score some good seats. Well it turned out we really didn’t need to worry since there wasn’t a bad seat to be had! The concert was great, although I don’t think the theatre had the best sound system. Craig Wayne Boyd is a very entertaining person and he has a great voice so it was a very enjoyable concert.

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