Canada Day

We had to make a stop at the Arizona Marketplace today to return a faulty LED light that hubby purchased yesterday and were pleasantly surprised to find out that today is Canada Day at the marketplace 🙂

We don’t notice anything different because it was Canada Day although there did seem to be fewer people but that may be because of the weather, it is a little cooler today and the skies are grey.

The aisles were pretty empty, normally there are more people shopping.

And there was no shortage of socks for sale! I think between the Yuma Swap Meet and the Arizona Marketplace there are enough socks for everyone 🙂

This is just one of many stalls selling socks.

The marketplace is full of shops selling RV items, clothing, furniture, knick-knacks, books, and just a whole variety of other stuff. There is live entertainment in the food court area and no shortage of people watching.

I love the colors on the metal art!

The Arizona Marketplace is open Thursday to Sunday and we have never had to pay an entrance fee although we did stop last Saturday and they were charging people to enter, so we left and came back on Thursday. Definitely more upscale than the Yuma Swap Meet but both places are worth a visit.

Until next time …


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