Yuma Swap Meet

On Sunday we took a drive out to the Yuma Swap Meet thinking we had never been there before and we should visit. Once we arrived we did remember visiting last year but there were hardly any vendors or shoppers around, so we left. This year the place was packed and we had a hard time finding a parking space. It costs $1.00 each to enter which annoys me because I don’t think I should have to pay to enter a place where they are trying to sell me something but hubby forked over the $2.00 and in we went. I had heard that this is often referred to as the Mexican Flea Market and I can see why, most people were speaking Spanish and most of the signs were in Spanish. There were lots of booths selling all kinds of cheap knick-knacks, clothing, tools, and garage sale items. There were also a variety of booths serving Mexican food and drinks along with Mariachi music playing in the background. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the various booths like this one selling orange and lemon trees. I really wish I could have taken one of each!  Like the Arizona Marketplace there were many booths selling socks.  I have never understood why they have so many socks for sale in a place where I never wear socks but hubby finally explained to me that they were diabetic socks (and yes now that I look at the picture I see the sign saying “Diabete”) and with the large senior population they are probably popular. Diabetic socks are non-binding and non-elasticated socks, which are designed so as to not restrict circulation in the leg or foot … aww I get it now 🙂 We didn’t buy anything, other than some celery, but we sure had fun people watching and looking around.

I found this article about the recent CBC News story on the amount of time Canadians can spend in the US. I am posting the link for anyone who is interested … and judging by the number of thoughtful people that sent me the CBC news story, I’m guessing there are a few of you 🙂  Canadian Snowbird Association Clarifies U.S. Travel Rules

Until next time …


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