It Smells Like Spring

I woke up around 4:00 a.m. to the sound of rain and the smell of spring, which instantly reminded me of daffodils. I don’t think I have ever seen daffodils in all our travels through
the southern US, I took this picture last year when we arrived back in British Columbia. Since it’s raining outside, and it’s expected to continue all day, I decided it was a good day to be curled up inside researching weather. Well really I would rather read a book but I was curious about Yuma getting rain twice in five weeks and I was also curious about the strong winds we have had over the last two weeks, so researching weather won out over the book.

Back in December I wrote a blog about the rain but I have never really written about the Yuma wind. To be fair it has never gone on as long as it has recently so I didn’t think it was blog worthy but I have now changed my mind.  For the past two weeks the wind has prevent us from bike riding, I’m not really a fan of pedaling against 16 mile an hour winds! I have heard from others that Yuma is windy but this is the first year we have experienced it, but folks even though it’s been windy the temperatures have still been in the mid to high 70F, 20C 🙂

So here is what I found out about US weather:

  • Springfield, Missouri has the most variety of weather
  • San Francisco, California has the least variety of weather
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma is the most hail prone city
  • Cape Hatteras, North Carolina is the most tropical storm/hurricane prone city
  • Florida is the top tornado state – Oklahoma is second
  • Fort Myers, Florida gets the most thunder storms
  • Alaska is the most earthquake prone state
  • Florida is the most lightning prone state
  • Death Valley, California had the highest recorded temperature at 134F
  • Prospect Creek, Alaska had the lowest recorded temperature at -80F
  • Key West, Florida has the hottest average annual temperature at 77.7F
  • International Falls, Montana has the coldest average annual temperature at 36.4F
  • Cheyenne, Washington has the cleanest air
  • Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona has the dirtiest air
  • Phoenix, Arizona is also the most uncomfortable city based on summer heat and humidity
  • Blue Canyon, California is the snowiest city (on average 240.8 inches) … not the city I expected!

And here is were Yuma fits in:

  • Ketchikan, Alaska is the wettest city
  • Yuma, Arizona is the driest city
  • Astoria, Oregon is the cloudiest city
  • Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city
  • Yuma, Arizona does not even make the list of top ten windiest US cities!

Sorry friends and family back home, I wasn’t able to find these weather facts for Canada. If you are interested in looking at the top ten US cities for each of the above you can find them on this page.

So for today I will stay tucked inside reading my book and watching the die-hard golfers play in the rain … silly people 🙂

The green may look empty but it’s not, the golfers keep on coming!

Until next time …


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