A New Palm Tree!

I thought I was done with my blogs on Palm Trees but I found a really pretty one on a walk through the RV Park. This tree is a Pygmy Palm and the best part about it is it’s in bloom 😀

The Pygmy Palm is a Date Palm and will often be planted in clumps of three to five palms when used as a decorative palm. Although the palm I saw was a single-trunk I read that this is unusual unless the palm is in its natural environment. The Pygmy Date Palm trunk is covered with old leaf scars and topped with pinnate, or feather like leaves that grow to about 4 feet in length. This is a small palm that will grow 5 to 10 feet tall and 1 to 5 feet wide, but usually doesn’t grow more than 7 feet tall. It is a popular indoor palm since it grows well in containers and is often used on patios and decks.

What I loved about this palm was the small yellow flowers.

This is the first palm tree I have seen with flowers! My research shows these flowers give way to tiny purplish dates but since we are leaving the park in two weeks I’m not sure if we will be around for that.

Until next time …


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