The Egg Game

Yesterday afternoon we headed up to the Cantina with our neighbours to play the egg game. Every Friday afternoon golfers, and a few non-golfers like us, flock to the Cantina to socialize and play the very entertaining egg game. I would love to write the rules of the game for this blog, and believe me I did try, but it just got too confusing so I gave up.

As a real general explanation, the game starts with a basket holding twelve plastic eggs that have a piece of paper with a dollar amount written on it. One egg is worth $200.00, one egg is worth $150.00, four eggs are worth $100.00, two eggs are worth $50.00, and four eggs are worth nothing. You buy six tickets for $5.00 and then sit back and hope one of your numbers is called and you can choose an egg from the basket. There are many stages to the game but the main part is where the announcer bargains with people to buy their egg (you don’t get to see what is inside your egg until you are done bargaining). Some people sell their egg to the announcer, getting around $60.00 for it, and others keep their egg and hope that when they open it up it’s worth more than what the announcer offered them. Like I said there is much more to the game but you will have to come to the resort and play because I can’t begin to explain it all 🙂

Yesterday one person walked away with $350.00! Even though we didn’t get chosen to play the game we had a great time and will definitely play the egg game again.

Until next time …


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