Palm Trees – Part 5

Today’s blog … and the final in my palm tree series … is about the Travellers Palm. We first saw this palm in Florida and were impressed with its beauty and uniqueness. It is usually lit up at night and prominently featured in the landscape.

The Travellers Palm leaf stems will store a lot of rainwater, which can be used as an emergency drinking water supply. There are many stories of travellers looking for the palm to get drinking water, hence the name Travellers Palm.

A young Travellers Palm has a trunk that grows underground. As the palm matures it develops a short green trunk, about 1 foot in diameter, with distinctive leaf scar rings.

The Travellers Palm has about 30 to 35 large, 10-foot long, fan-shaped leaves supported by long petioles. Leaves resemble those of the banana plant and are symmetrically grouped, giving the tree the appearance of a hand fan. High winds can shred the leaves giving them a feather like appearance. Leaf stem color varies from orange at the base of the stem to yellow in the middle and to the bright green closer to the end.

The Travellers Palm produces white flowers, supported by a large green flower stalk. Flowers can be as large as two feet in diameter. Flowers are followed by brown fruits that open to reveal stunning bright blue seeds inside.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about palm trees as much as I have, I will never say a palm tree is just a palm tree again!

Until next time …

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