Way To Go Seahawks!

 Hubby and I don’t generally follow American football but we do cheer the BC Lions on and when we are home we watch the Grey Cup … well I watch the Grey Cup and hubby plays on the computer 🙂  But we feel that it is only right to honor customs and traditions in the countries we visit, and since Seattle is the closest US football team to our home town, we cheer them on when we are in the US.

As you may remember from previous posts laundry day in Yuma includes a visit to the cantina and yesterday was no exception. One of the reasons I chose Sunday’s as laundry day is because the Cantina has live bands in the afternoon and the music is always good but yesterday we were also able to watch Seattle play Green Bay for the bid into the Super Bowl.

When we watch sports at home at a pub most people are cheering for the same team that we are but I will always fondly remember watching the Olympic Gold Medal Game on a cruise my cousin and I took during the Vancouver Olympics. While we where both looking forward to the Caribbean and some warm weather we were also sad that we would miss watching Canada and the US in the Gold Medal Game, but the cruise ship managed to secure a feed which they played on a large screen in the main theatre. As you can imagine it was a pretty well attended event as most people on the cruise ship where either from Canada or the US and I have to say that made it a lot of fun to watch, every score resulted in loud cheers and there was a lot of good natured ribbing! Maybe I enjoyed the game more because Canada won and a large group of Canadians waiting for the elevator after the game broke out into O Canada but I think it was fun because there were people cheering for both teams.

Yesterday, at the Cantina, felt the same way. About half of the patrons were cheering for Green Bay and the other half for Seattle. I wasn’t holding much hope for Seattle during the first two quarters but finally in the third they scored a touchdown and a conversion. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter my timer goes off to take the laundry out of the dryer, but I can’t go now, Seattle is close to their end zone and may finally pull ahead, so I let the laundry wait. The next play Seattle scored a touchdown and a two point conversion … yahoo Seattle was winning 22 to 19  now I can go and fold the laundry. I’m so excited that Seattle is going to the Super Bowl as I happily fold my laundry … but I return to the Cantina only to have hubby tell me Green Bay tied the game with only 14 seconds left! Hmm I shouldn’t have folded the laundry … but no worries, Seattle came back with a touchdown 12 minutes into overtime, which made for happy faces and sad faces in the Cantina 🙂

You bet we will be at the Cantina on February 1st to cheer Seattle on … and the laundry may stay at home!

Until next time …

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