Roam Mobility

At the start of this years blog I wrote about our great cell phone find, today we had to renew our service. We receive no notice that our three months was about to expire and both hubby and I thought we had until tomorrow to renew. Hubby went on the internet this morning and it turned out our three months had expired about three hours ago 😦  So instead of renewing month by month we had to sign up for three months again, not really a problem this time since we need service for another two and a half months.  In future we will make sure to add a renewal reminder to our calendar so that we can renew month by month.

The fact that we pay in Canadian funds ($125.84 for three months or $39.95 plus tax for one month) is a real bonus given what the Canadian dollar is at! Last year for the same cell service we paid $60.00 US a month, this year we are paying $34.04 US a month and we can keep the same phone number year after year.

The plans have changed a bit, we now get 2GB of data per month and the coverage area is increasing … we love this cell phone plan!

Most mornings we are up at least an hour before the sun comes up but we enjoy our coffee in bed watching the morning news. We always know when it’s time to get out of bed because a huge flock of birds lands on a tree outside and chirps loudly until we get up and open the door … not a bad alarm clock 🙂

Until next time …


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