Target Closing!

If you live in the US don’t panic, this only applies to Canadian Target stores! I can’t say that I’m really surprised. In the summer of 2013 a big new Target store opened in our hometown and the three times I have been in it I was never able to find what I was looking for and there were very few customers. As we were driving around yesterday we drove by the Yuma Target so I thought maybe we should take a look to see what was different between this store and our local store at home … the answer, not much. The size, exterior and interior of the store were the same, the number of customers were the same. The only real difference is that we found what we were looking for. For the past three weeks we have been looking for a new coffee maker. Hubby wanted one with a stainless carafe because they don’t use as much electricity and the carafe won’t break. I really didn’t care since our glass carafe has never broken in the RV but I did want a 12-cup coffee maker and that didn’t seem to be an option with the stainless carafe. Well today we found a 12-cup stainless coffee maker at Target, so now we are both happy.

When we drove out of the park yesterday we came across a new lake.

This was a lettuce field that was harvested just before Christmas and now they are preparing it for the next planting. I guess flooding the field is part of the preparation for the next planting although I have never seen a field this flooded before.

When we drove back into the park five hours later the “lake” had already dropped significantly 🙂

We generally shop at Wal-Mart because both Albertson’s and Food City have a funny smell when you walk in, but yesterday we went to Fry’s and we were both very happy with the store. There was no smell, a great selection, nice vegetables, and good prices … this will become our new grocery story.

Until next time …

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