Yuma Palms Mall

Today was shopping day and as usual we headed out to the Yuma Palms Mall mainly because Sam’s Club is located there. Sam’s Club is Wal-Mart’s version of Costco, it even has a similar layout and yes they sell hot dogs 🙂 Since Yuma doesn’t have a Costco we decided to buy a Sam’s Club membership when we were here last year, a decision that was made easier by the low (only $40.00) annual membership fee!

But back to my story … our drive took us through a traffic circle downtown, which hubby and I really like because it is landscaped with orange trees, and we sure don’t see that at home.

We then headed onto the Yuma Palms Mall. Unlike malls we are familiar with at home, rows and rows of stores in an enclosed location and often on many floors, the Yuma Palms Mall has all the usual stores but they are interconnected through shaded walkways, divided by grassy plazas with benches and water features. 

The mall also contains a movie theater, and many restaurants. I really like the outdoor aspect of the mall but I’m not sure I would enjoy it as much if I were shopping in the summer when the temperatures in Yuma are often around 110F or 44C!

On the way back to our RV Park we drove by this field of Palm Trees, which has been flooded for several days. We also drove past a soccer field that was flooded, so I guess flood irrigation really is the preferred watering method in Yuma.

Until next time …


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