Happy Birthday:-)

I’m pretending that these Bougainvillea blossoms where put here for my birthday and not the mess the plants made while we moved them outside. I’m pretending that these Bougainvillea blossoms where put here for my birthday and not the mess the plants made while we moved them outside.

Unlike hubby I love to celebrate birthdays, mine, our children, family, and friends … I would even be happy celebrating a strangers birthday! So today I started my birthday off by giving the plants in the shower their eviction notice. They are now sitting outside in the sun and I enjoyed my shower without having to move them back in once I was done. This nasty cold hubby and I have been dealing with has zap all our energy but today, after two weeks, I finally feel better … hubby is a week behind me so he isn’t filled with my bubbly enthusiasm:-)

So what happen in history on January 6th?

  • Danny Thomas was born in 1912 (I vaguely remember him from reruns when I was a very young child, just so you don’t think I’m that old:-));
  • New Mexico was admitted as the 47th US State in 1912;
  • Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919;
  • Mother Teresa arrived in Calcutta to begin her work with the poor in 1929;
  • Thomas Edison submitted his last patent application in 1931;
  • Pan American Airlines became the first commercial airline to schedule a flight around the world in 1947;
  • Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in the knee by Tanya Harding in 1994 (now this event I clearly remember and it’s the only one that happened after I was born!);
  • On the day I was born 3,029 babies were born; if I had never cut my hair it would be 7.16 meters long; and I have had 2,061.8 million heartbeats during my life (although I have three children so I’m sure my heart has skipped more than a few beats)!

So what to do for my birthday? It started off with a long FaceTime chat with our daughter and four of our grandchildren. The grandchildren are pretty excited because they are on their second snow day, which has never happened in our city for as long as I can remember. My oldest grandson told me he is going to add on a room for me to the snow fort he built yesterday, which I found very touching! I had a long phone call from my sister and many birthday wishes on Facebook and by email so I am feeling very loved. A bike ride was high on my list but it is just too windy outside, warm but very windy. We are going to go out for dinner and to a movie tonight so other than going for a walk this afternoon and phone calls with our two sons tonight I have no big plans.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday:-)

  1. I remember the Nancy Kerrigan incident clearly as well! destructive to say the least… Hope the bougainvillea survived; they are such pretty plants, much the same as what people say of yourself. Hope you enjoy the movie and your birthday! Big Hug, Jeanine


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