Merry Christmas

Sombrero Beach, Florida Keys

Well there sure is a big difference between how we spent last Christmas and how we are spending this Christmas. Last year we were staying in the Florida Keys and spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The water was warm, the sand was white, and it was fun to Facetime the kids back home with the camera facing the ocean!

This year we are tucked inside and looking out at grey skies and wet landscaping. The weather is not overly cold but definitely much cooler than we had last year. Tonight we will go to church with our daughter and her family rather than attend a strange church on our own (not that you are ever alone in church 🙂

So which do we prefer? Absolutely no question about it, we are very happy to be home spending Christmas with our family. The only thing better would be having our two sons’ here with us but they are celebrating Christmas with their in-laws this year. So instead of a Facetime from the beach they will get a Facetime from us at home.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Until next time …


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