Laundry Day

Today was laundry day and we fell back into our routine from last year, we both load the washers and then head over to the cantina were we order a pitcher of beer … and this year hubby even ordered lite beer for me! After 32 minutes I head back to the laundry room and switch everything to the dryer, hubby orders a second pitcher, you have to remember that US beer is a lower alcohol content that Canadian beer, so you don’t get drunk you get bloated:-). After another 35 minutes I head over to the laundry room, fold the laundry and then bring it back to the cantina to finish the rest of my beer. Yup it is finally fun doing laundry!

On our way back to Maxx we saw two of the golf carts decorated for tonight’s Christmas golf cart parade and judging.

Until next time …


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