Our First Yuma Bike Ride

Over our coffee this morning we discussed what to do today. The Christmas decorations are done, other than adding one more Bougainvillea to the other side of the golf ball screen, but that won’t happen until shopping day tomorrow. So with that completed it seemed like today would be a good day for a bike ride. We wanted to ride our bikes along the canal by the RV Park to see if we can get downtown without riding along the road. If this works we can leave the truck at home most days when we do our sight seeing.

Hubby spent the morning adjusting cabinet doors so they line up again, over a year of travelling they have shifted a bit. I spent that time on the phone with my sister wishing her happy birthday, who knew that would take 45 minutes, great talk Sis! After that was done we made a list of supplies we need to fix up the TV cubby since we have never really been happy with the way it looks. We will get those supplies tomorrow and now hubby has a project for Friday, which is my cleaning day.

After lunch we headed out on our ride and can you believe I forgot the camera!!! We rode for two hours, 28 km (17.5 miles) and discovered that Yuma is a great city for bike riding:-)  The next time we take that ride I will definitely take the camera and share the sights with you.

Until next time …


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