Feels a Little Like Home:-)

We pulled into Cocopah RV Resort in Yuma yesterday and both hubby and I looked at each other and said “It kind of feels like we are home”. That feeling probably comes from spending two months here last year and this is the first time since we began this lifestyle that we have visited the same RV Park twice. But it could also be because our neighbours, who we enjoyed spending time with last year, welcomed us with big waves from the golf course and hugs once they were done their round. If you read last year’s blog you may remember that these neighbours live less than an hour away from our hometown so it is fun to be able to talk about local news and other events from the Valley where we all live.

We were invited over for happy hour to catch up on the events in both our lives this past summer and as always the two hours went fast. We are also very fortunate that they invite us to share their Wi-Fi, so after our visit we headed home and enjoyed Facetime visits with our three children and their families. I was so inspired after seeing all their Christmas trees and decorations that I put up our tree and hung the kid’s decorative stockings by the fire. Our children have their stockings that Santa fills every year but for their first Christmas hubby’s mom gave them each beautiful stockings that we hung from the mantle every year. When we packed up to head south last year I brought the stockings with me so that I could feel a bit of the kids with me at Christmas time … maybe some year I will give them back their stockings but for now I’m glad they spend Christmas with us:-)

A little to warm to keep the fireplace on!

Yup I know that purple ring box looks promising but it’s empty, I needed something to fill up the bottom of the tree. And my dad gave us this Christmas tree which he used for many years after my mom passed away … it’s nice to have a bit of Dad along as well:-)

So here is the story of the angel on the top of our tree, which I know is disproportionate in size to the tree … Christmas fell three months after hubby and I started dating and I was helping him decorate his first Christmas tree after moving out on his own. By the time he had purchased all the decorations he had a dollar left and we still didn’t have an angel for the top of the tree. After much searching through the bargain table at Woodwards we found this angel for $.97 and hubby quickly purchased her. She sat on the top of our tree through out the years, lost the bible she was holding and lost her halo but she was much loved and was the final decoration to be put on the tree, an honor which was rotated each year amongst the three kids.   As the kids got older they thought she should be replaced so on our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary they gave us a beautiful new angel for the top of the tree. When Christmas rolled around three months later I unpacked the angel and handed her to one of the kids to put on top of the tree, but hubby wasn’t having anything to do with that … he said the old angel had been with us from the beginning and she shouldn’t be replaced! So the new angel graced our mantle, the old angel graced our treetop and the grandchildren took over the task of putting her on the tree … we definitely couldn’t head south without her!

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Feels a Little Like Home:-)

  1. Oh, that angel! I laughed when I saw the picture, I can’t believe you still have her! I know she’s special to you guys though so I shouldn’t be surprised she wasn’t purged when you downsized. I’m glad you have room for a tree, it looks good there. Is that one of Mom’s homemade angels under the tree? Your decorations look good!


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