Rio Bend RV Park

I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly when I made our reservations at Rancho California since I planned our leaving date with three days to travel to Yuma where we are staying for the next two months. The trip to Yuma is only three hours and even for us a one hour drive a day is a little short:-) So we decided to drive two hours and spend the night in El Centro. Our main reason for choosing Rio Bend RV Park in El Centro was to check it out and see if it was worthy of a much longer visit in the future. A word to the wise for RV Park owners, just because someone checks in for one night that doesn’t mean you should give them the worse site you have! Despite there being many empty sites we were given a site with a large buzzing electrical box on one side of us and the main walkway on the other:-( On the up side hubby got the Passport America rate so we are paying half price, but our site was assigned before they found out we had Passport America.

The main entrance road is behind us so it is also a noisy spot.

There were many much nicer sites they could have given us, the park was definitely not full!

We are now only one hour from Yuma so we needed to figure out what to do with ourselves for the next two days. We had originally thought we would do some dry camping in the sands just outside of Yuma but it is so hazy in this area (we have no idea what it is from) and that wouldn’t allow us to see the hills in the background. The thought of looking at nothing but beige sand and beige sky just doesn’t appeal to us, so despite not being overly happy with our site, we have decided to stay here until Sunday.

There are some up sides to the park, the hot tub and pool are great and there is an outdoor bar and fire pit surrounding them. Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a walk around the park and then of course we had to stop at the bar for a drink before we headed back to Maxx for dinner. We had a nice chat with a couple from Edmonton who it turns out are heading to our park in Yuma at the end of the month so we may run into them again.

Last night we enjoyed a few hours in the hot tub and had a great visit with a couple from Nanaimo.

Until next time …


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