El Centro, California

The past few days have been very rainy and more is forecasted so we were not that disappointed to head on.

So yesterday we packed up Maxx, moved the flowers into the shower and headed for El Centro.

It sure smells nice in the bathroom!

We chose to take Highway 79 out to I-8 rather than backtrack out to I-15 and head through San Diego to I-8. This was a bit of a risk because we had no idea whether the road was suitable for towing big rigs but it turned out to be a great decision.

Shortly after we hit the road we were out of the rain and treated to some beautiful scenery. I think this is where most of Hollywood’s western movies are filmed!

As we got closer to the interstate I was thinking it was surprising that we hadn’t seen a border patrol station since these are usually the types of roads we see them on. About five minutes after that thought we saw their SVU parked off the side of the road.

Sorry the picture is fuzzy, I was trying to be quick and inconspicuous

And another five minutes later we drove through a checkpoint.

Again a fuzzy picture but I didn’t want them to think I was casing the border checkpoint:-)

They didn’t stop us; it appears they where only stopping traffic heading away from the border not those driving toward the border … or maybe we just look innocent:-)

We joined I-8 20 miles from El Centro, an easy trip that had us enjoying great scenery and avoiding the stress of the interstate through San Diego.

Did you know El Centro is famous for being the largest American city to lie entirely below sea level?

Until next time …


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