San Diego

As I write today’s blog it is pouring rain outside, still warm enough for short sleeves, but very wet. While I would rather it not rain, California is suffering from a severe drought so I guess I can put up with it, plus it’s a good excuse to stay inside and watch Christmas movies:-)

Yesterday we drove into San Diego, a little over an hour away. San Diego, founded in 1769, is the oldest town in California. We had no real plans for the day other than we wanted to tour the USS Midway, a US Aircraft Carrier and we didn’t want to spend $80 plus dollars each touring SeaWorld … we met both goals.

The USS Midway was in service from 1945 to 1992 and is the longest-serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century.

USS Midway

The tour was $20.00 each and consisted of an audio tour which is augmented with guided tours of the ships Island and personal stories from many serving members. We spent two hours onboard and only left because we were in a two-hour parking zone, we could have easily spent more time touring the ship. We began our tour at the Island, which is the command center for the flight deck operations as well as the ship as a whole.

View from the Mini Air Boss Station – six stories above the flight deck

View from the Bridge

Chart Room

Communication Room

After touring the Island we wandered around the flight deck and I have to say I’m glad they have added railings around the deck, I can’t imagine being out at sea without them! The flight deck holds twenty-five restored aircraft, which gives you a feel of what it might have been like when the carrier was in service. I was really surprised that the wings on planes fold up so that they don’t take as much room.

Probably the best part of the tour were the decks below the aircraft hanger, were it truly is a mini city. To get from place to place you have to scale nearly vertical steps and squeeze past each other in narrow corridors. Without the arrows pointing us in the right direction we would probably still be down there trying to find our way out!

There are multiple galleys and mess halls onboard, along with laundry facility, dentist and doctor’s offices, a tailor shop, a chapel, a jail, and many boardrooms.

Pilot’s Ready Room


Operating Room

Sailor’s locker ready for inspection

In one of the galleys we learned that meals rotate every 21 days, and we had the opportunity to check out a cookbook. I took a picture of this Banana Cream Pie recipe but I think the quantities are too big to make in Maxx!

This recipe makes 13 pies!

After our tour of the aircraft carrier we made a stop at Seaport Village, which is filled with unique shops and restaurants along with ponds, beautiful flowers, and a seawall along the ocean.

Poinsettia Christmas Tree – It still amazes me that poinsettia’s can survive outside!

It was a fun day and hard to believe that we were walking around in shorts and t-shirts on the first day of December!

Sign at a store in Seaport Village

Until next time …


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