Black Friday

Not even thinking about the US Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday I planned our weekly grocery trip for yesterday on our return trip from Palm Dessert.

Just as an aside, Thanksgiving with hubby’s cousin, his wife, their three daughters and families, along with hubby’s other cousin and his wife from Alberta, Canada was a real hoot! It was great to have a big family holiday and also catch up, as we hadn’t seen our hosts since 1979 … although it did seem like just yesterday that we had visited. Yesterday morning hubby and his cousins worked on building a BBQ on a trailer … long story and one for his blog … oh wait, he doesn’t have one, but they had fun while the ladies drove through the El Paseo shopping district and then walked up to a garage sale.

I also spent about half an hour watching this little fellow at the bougainvillea beside the pool before he finally posed for me.


But now back to my original story, shortly before noon we headed out to do our grocery shopping and other errands before making the 50-minute drive back to our RV Park at Rancho California. I was dreading this because I hate crowds and wasn’t much interested in any Black Friday deals … it’s hard to get excited about shopping when I have nowhere to put it, and hubby likes it that way:-)  Well I have to say we didn’t see any crowds, the mall parking lots had many empty parking spaces, Costco was no worse than a normal Saturday, and the restaurant was busy but no wait and great service. All in all, just another normal shopping day, although we did get our favorite bottle of wine for $5.99 instead of the normal $7.99 so I’m happy we went Black Friday shopping … and yes we did buy more than one bottle of wine … I had to, the price was to good, and that’s the story I’m sticking to:-)

We stopped for lunch at a place called Burgers and Beer and it was great. Normally we don’t do burgers in the states because they come dry with mustard and ketchup on the side, but this restaurant serves their burgers with a condiment tray.

Hot peppers, pickles, and pickled carrots. Along with burger sauce, mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

The food, service, and beer was excellent and just what we needed to fortify ourselves for our drive home.

Until next time …


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