Happy US Thanksgiving

Okay so I’m a day late with that wish:-)

Yesterday we drove to Palm Dessert, less than an hour from our RV Park, to spend Thanksgiving with hubby’s cousin and his family. Rather than take the interstate we chose to take Highway 74, also known as the Pines to Palms highway, through the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains.

The route starts a few hundred feet above sea level to over 5,000 feet and passes through a series of areas preserved for wildlife. Although we didn’t see any wildlife the drive was very pretty and it was interesting to see how the topography changed as we got higher into the mountains.

The road is windy and there were a few times when I was looking down into deep canyons but there are many places to pull off to enjoy the views or allow cars to pass.  Just as we were getting close to our destination we rounded the corner and were treated to a stunning view of Palm Dessert.

In the picture above you can see how the road twists down the mountain with many hairpin turns to take you to the dessert floor, but I think this picture really gives you the idea 🙂

And I will leave you with a picture of a plaque at the viewpoint … I love what it is says!

Until next time …


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