Goodbye Las Vegas

We had a fun time in Las Vegas and now we are back at our California home in Temecula. We spent two nights at The Carriage House, which is just off the strip by Planet Hollywood. We chose this location because hubby’s cousin was staying there and we had a full kitchen so we were able to have breakfast in our room. I hate searching for a restaurant for breakfast and it was nice to be able to pack a lunch for our days out of the city. Our last two nights were spent at The D where my brother-in-law gave us one of his free rooms 🙂  It was fun to stay on Fremont Street and spend some time with my sister.

My sister was playing in El Cortez Invitational Slot Tournament and we were able to go and cheer her on, although I’m not sure we brought her any luck 😦  She was in third place before we started showing up and then her luck turned, but she did win a $50.00 door prize.

The drive home was long because we had to stop for groceries, but we did score our cheapest fuel yet at Costco in Temecula, $3.339 per gallon, which works out to $.96 CND per litre!

We woke up to rain this morning, which is good since California is suffering from a severe drought, but it didn’t last and then the sun cam out and we were able to get back into shorts and T-shirts.

Until next time …


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