Neon Museum

Yesterday morning we arrived in Las Vegas just in time to attend a brunch for hubby’s cousin and his wife who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We had a great time catching up with hubby’s relatives from BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and California but his cousin also had a big surprise for everyone who attended … we were all invited to attend his son’s wedding later that afternoon! A surprise wedding with dinner following what fun, and fun it was!

Today we spent the day at Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam (more in coming blogs) before heading off to the Neon Museum for the 5:30 p.m. tour of the boneyard. I chose this time since it would be dark and the signs would be lit up and I’m glad I did. Many of the old signs don’t light up but there are some that do so it was worth going after dark and the guided tour provided the stories behind the signs, which was very interesting.

Signs from Fremont Street

The original sign from the Golden Nugget. The blob above the word “Gamble” was a nugget. 1905 was the year Las Vegas was founded.

Signs from the Strip

The first sign to have a reader board.

After our tour we met up with my sister and brother-in-law for some catching up and also to pick up our mail, which they brought down with them. Most of our mail comes electronically but it’s still fun to go through the stuff that doesn’t … especially because it’s not bills 🙂

Until next time …


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