An Amazing Bike Ride!

Today we drove an hour to Sausalito, California were we parked at the ferry terminal, $3.00 per hour for six hours – $18.00. Along with our bikes we boarded the ferry, $22.00 for the two of us.

We rode the ferry to Tiburon, which looks very pretty from the water.

And then our scenic water tour headed to Pier 41 in the San Francisco harbour.


We left the ferry, got on our bikes, and road along Fisherman’s Wharf down to Fort Mason. At Fort Mason we joined the bike path through the Presidio enjoying the sights of the ocean, the sailboats, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

We then headed up a .9 mile steep hill to the bridge and began the highlight of our day … riding our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge … PRICELESS 🙂

If you do this ride I recommend taking a light jacket as the wind was strong, and blowing toward us most of the trip.

As we departed the bridge we headed down a long, and steep, hill into Sausalito where we enjoyed riding the streets, wandering through the shops, and an early dinner.

San Francisco from the Sausalito side.

A totally awesome day!

Until next time …

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