Avenue of the Giants

We decided not to spend two nights in Eureka so today we headed off for somewhere about two hours south, which would put us about two hours from Napa where we plan to be on Wednesday.

Fifteen miles south of Fortuna, California we came across the entrance to Avenue of the Giants and since it had RV Parks along it’s 31-mile route we decided it would be safe for us to travel.

This is an old portion of Highway 101, which parallels the new Highway 101 built in the 1960’s. The route is a very scenic drive through the redwood forest. We had no trouble navigating it but I would only recommend big units do it mid week and during the winter months. I imagine the traffic in the summer months would make it a very hard route to travel.   A good portion of the route has trees right against the road and in some spots you need to move slightly over the centre line in order to have height clearance.

The route took us two hours, with many stops to read information signs and take pictures. I have replaced the picture at the top of our blog with a photo taken along Avenue of the Giants. There was hardly any traffic on the road and we were often able to stop on the road and take pictures, but there are also many pullouts … just watch the trees overhead as some of the branches are low.

The rest of our drive down Highway 101 was great.   There is a small windy section just north of Piercy, California, where you will get a taste of what it was like driving along Avenue of the Giants.

Until next time …

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