An Unexpected Detour :-(

Once again we started the day with no rain and that continued long enough for us to stop at a rest stop and take a hiking trail down to the ocean.


And at the bottom ☺

Just as we began our climb back up the trail the rain started but we manage to get back into the truck before the downpour came. The route today was just a pretty as previous days.

View of our drive from the front window of the truck … Awesome!

And what we saw once we passed through the two hills in the picture above.

Another bonus to today’s travels was finding diesel for $3.39 gallon US (.974 litre CND!).

Our destination today was the Mill Bay Casino near Coos Bay, Oregon. Hubby chose this location because it was right on the bay, reasonably priced, and they have free Wifi. We were about a mile from the casino, all we needed to do was cross over the McCullough Bridge and we would be there, when we were sent on a detour. The bridge was closed and we ended up detouring around Coos Bay on narrow, winding, hilly roads for many miles. The whole detour took us almost an hour but we finally arrived at the casino and were pleased with hubby’s choice. The RV Park is a dedicated space at the casino with it’s own office, washrooms, and laundry facilities. Guest also have access to the gym, pool, and hot tub at the hotel and there is a shuttle bus that will pick you up at your site and drive you to the casino or to businesses in town for free. The sites are nicely laid out and the cost is a very reasonable $28.85 per night!

After setting up we headed out to Cape Arago State Park where we saw seals, sea lions, and whales but again the whales were elusive and never let me get a picture 🙂

This was just a few that where there!

Until next time …


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