Long Beach, Washington

As I post this blog we are listening to the horrific news out of Ottawa, our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded soldier and his family.

Yesterday’s drive was wet but very pretty. We left the interstate and took two lane highways out to Washington’s coast, this is the way we like to travel as you see a lot more than you do on the interstate.

It was pretty driving through this area, it reminded us of the highways in British Columbia 🙂

It was so much fun driving through the coastal towns on Willapa Bay that I forgot to take pictures ☹

Random island!

We arrived in Long Beach and found an RV park, but we were a little disappointed as all the parks we saw where nothing more than grass fields with hook-up posts and a picnic table. The unappealing nature of the parks, and the rain, contributed to our decision to only spend one night. Our hope had been to spend a few days and ride our bikes throughout the area, but that lost its appeal as the rain poured down and the wind blew … maybe next time.

However we did take a drive around and really enjoyed the sights!

First we stopped at the beach

Me at the beach 🙂

The waves were huge and the blowing sand covered us in no time!

I do love seagulls!

And then we drove through town

Long Beach, Washington

After filling up with fuel we decided to drive up the peninsula. The Long Beach Peninsula is comprised of 28 miles of sandy beaches that form the longest beach in the United States. At the base of the peninsula is the mouth of the Columbia River which was once referred to as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” due to the number of maritime vessels that sunk in storms or accidents. Along with its fishing industry, the peninsula is famous for its cranberry bogs, which represent some of the largest harvests in the world.

The fall razor clam season is on now and I was told this year they expect to harvest over 6 million razor clams! We passed a store that sells clam guns … no idea how they work but the colors are pretty 🙂

And then hubby found another beach access and decided it would be a good idea to drive on water!

According to Holly (our GPS) we are driving on water!

We drove along the Pacific Ocean for ten miles until we hit the beach access where we had started our afternoon. While I was skeptical at first and had visions of being stuck all night in the sand, it was a truly amazing experience … thanks hubby that was fun!

You can see the sand blowing, the wind kept pushing us into the ocean

Exiting the beach back in the town of Long Beach

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Long Beach, Washington

  1. I love the Washington and Oregon coast but you’re probably going to get some stormy weather! good thing that there’s a coffee hut about every five miles.


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