Good Bye Canada, Hello United States

We packed up today in the pouring, and I do mean pouring, rain and head off to the Pacific Border Crossing in Surrey. We had a good hour wait to cross through customs and hubby was getting VERY frustrated because they kept sending a huge line of cars up the lane on our left (after forcing us to get into a single lane way back) but once we got to the booth it couldn’t have gone better! Here is how it went after we passed over our passports:

  • Where are you from?
  • How long will you be gone?
  • Do you have any fruits or vegetables? No but I do have two frozen steaks (now I had meant to throw those out … as you’ll see I’m glad I didn’t)
  • Do you know the license number of your trailer? Hubby pulled out the insurance papers for Maxx, which the border guy asked to look at.
  • Can you make that turn ahead? I thought we were going to the Agriculture inspection line but he was directing hubby to weave through the curbs designed to slow traffic down as they head out onto I-5.

That was it! No questions about how much money we had, were we carrying firearms or alcohol, nothing about whether we were coming back or planned to work in the States … nada, zilch! Wow … now in hind site maybe we now look so old that there was no question that we were retired Snowbirds 😦 Not sure which I like better, looking too young to be living this life or having an easy crossing at the border.

Our first stop across the border was at Fred Myers in Bellingham to fill up the truck. We paid $3.489 per gallon for diesel, which works out to $1.003 CND per litre (gas was $2.969 or $.853 CND per litre). That is a whole penny less than we paid when we found cheap fuel in Beaumont, Texas last year!

All in all I would say we have had a good start to our five months on the road:-)

Until next time …


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