US Cell Phone

We have found what looks like an awesome deal for our US cell phone, Roam Mobility. The cost is $39.95 (you have to initially sign up for three months), but given the way our dollar is compared to the USD, the good news is the $39.95 is in CND! So what do you get for that you may ask 🙂 Well we get free calling anywhere in the US and Canada, free text anywhere in the US and Canada, and 1 gb of data per month. The coverage appears to be very good but I will let you know more once we actually use the phone. Another nice thing about this plan is once you pay for your first three months you can go month by month, stop the service when you return to Canada, and restart it with the same phone number when you go south again next year.

To sign up you need to go to a cell phone store that sells Roam Mobility and purchase a SIM card for $22.35 including tax. You will need an unlocked cell phone to install the card into, we have two cell phones, one we use in Canada and a slightly older phone that we had unlocked and we use that one as our US cell phone. Don’t be surprised if the cell phone store tells you that your Roam Mobility card is only good for visits under 30 days as that is all they seem to know about. Once you buy your SIM card you go online and sign up for the Snowbird plan. Hubby did it in less than 15 minutes, way less time that it took to suspend our Rogers service but I won’t go on about that again!

Until next time …


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