On The Road Again

Today begins our 2014-2015 winter adventure. We left home at 11:39 a.m. after running a few last minute errands. We wanted to wait until late morning before leaving so that the mountain passes had time to warm up and any overnight ice, frost, or snow would have a chance to melt. Our plan is to spend four days on the coast of British Columbia visiting with family before crossing the border on Monday October 20th.

Last night we had dinner at my sister’s house with her family and our daughter’s family, which was a very nice way to spend our final evening at home. Hubby and I managed to get a fair number of warm squeezy hugs from four of our grandchildren to tide us over until we return next April … although that didn’t stop me from shedding more than a few tears at the thought of not seeing them, and the rest of our family, for the winter!

The weather when we left was 14C with cloudy skies so we where expecting decent roads for our trip today and for the most part that is what we had … other than a period of heavy fog

But it cleared up quickly:-)

And we arrived safely at the Fort Langley RV Park just before rush hour hit the freeway!

Until next time …


One thought on “On The Road Again

  1. Ahhh so you’re off again we hope you have better weather this time also if you get a chance drop by our new condo we would love a visit


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